What Is Network Marketing?


what is network marketingNo Seriously What Is Network Marketing?

Since people in today’s economic times would be foolish not to consider diversified financial options, people are in fact looking at other opportunities outside of the traditional employee model. One financial opportunity that people are taking a second look at is network marketing. In case anyone is curious as to what is networking marketing, they probably know network marketing under its alternate name, which is multi-level marketing, or MLM.

The reason why MLM is being called network marketing on an increased basis is because network marketing reps find that they are able to expand their business entity with the help of a solid network. Before we go any further, let’s look at an explanation of what is network marketing, and what it’s not.

Network marketing is a system of working for one’s self on an independent basis. The business is based upon the sales of a product or a service. Many people in the past have frowned down upon network marketing or MLM, because they didn’t understand the business model. It’s extremely important for people to understand that in network marketing, a product or a service is sold. This is the primary method of revenue that a sales person creates for themselves when they embark upon a network marketing business.

The next thing to understand with regards to what is network marketing, is how an independent sales rep can expand their revenue earning potential. Remember the mention of building revenue with the help of a strong network? This is how the strong network is developed. Let’s say for example that a new network marketer named John is recruited into a company to sell a product or a service by a guy named Pete. Because Pete recruited John, Pete would be John’s upline.

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John would be Petes’s downline. Pete wants to create a strong revenue earning network, so he will see to it that John learns everything that John needs to know about the company, about sales and about recruiting other sales representatives. In time, John has become quite the independent network marketer. He has even decided to start recruiting new sales representatives. He will train the new reps in the same manner that Pete trained him.

Now, there is a network of sales representatives earning money. The uplines not only earn money for the products or the services that they sell, but they earn a bonus commission for all of the revenues that the network team members earn. When the new team members start to recruit new members, they will earn a bonus from their recruits as well. Before everyone knows it, everyone is a revenue-earning, network marketing machine!

With regards to what is network marketing, what it entails is a business model that allows for individuals to create the income of their choice, while creating their own work from home business. What it’s not is a pipe dream. This is reality. It will take hard work, and perseverance in order to create a great income for one’s self. However, this is the business model that is working for so many others. Why not make it work for you?



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