Don’t Waste Your Money Buying So-Called Pre-Qualified MLM Leads



pre qualified MLM leadsSay NO Too Pre Qualified MLM Leads

If you are a new MLM salesperson, or even if you are an existing sales rep that is feeling like your back is against the wall, you might have heard or read advice that urges MLM sales reps to purchase pre qualified MLM leads. These leads are supposedly “scrubbed,” meaning that they have been checked out to make sure that these are the type of leads that a marketer would want to have.

These leads supposedly are cleansed of any leads that are useless, or are a waste of time and energy. Best of all, these leads supposedly contain the names of those who have the money to get into your venture, and hit the ground running. However, as the saying goes, watch out for fool’s gold.

Another saying goes that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. This is certainly the case with regards to pre qualified MLM leads. There are so many reasons as to why a marketer should never waste their money on these leads. The main reason is because the marketer that purchases these has no method of knowing how these leads were qualified.

Will these leads actually contain the names of people who are interested in finding out about the MLM opportunity that you have to offer? Will these people be motivated to join? What criteria was used to qualify these leads? You have no real answers to any of these questions.

pre qualified MLM leads

Even more irritating, there are no guarantees that the contact information contained in these lists are accurate. How would you like to purchase one of these lists, just to realize that you have wasted your time and money on junk? Would you like to set aside time that you could be making money, and instead making phone calls to disconnected numbers? Would you like to send emails to leads, and then find out that the email addresses are dead?

Or even worse, how would you like to make contact with unsuspecting people on this list, only to realize that these people are angry with you for contacting them. They will be angry that their name is on the list that you’ve purchased. Now ask yourself, how many leads do you think convert from a list that contains dead contact information, or angry people?

So, if you want to waste your precious time and your good money on these pre qualified MLM leads, then go right ahead! But if you are serious about developing your MLM business, then you need to develop your own leads. When you develop and qualify your own leads, then you can rest assured that your leads will in all likelihood convert.





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