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Marketing On LinkedInMarketing On LinkedIn 5 Steps!!!


Just as is the case with many social networking websites, LinkedIn provides wonderful opportunities for the marketer who wants to sell products or attract downlines. After all, this social networking website hosts millions of account users from around the world. Therefore, marketing on LinkedIn only makes sense for the 21st MLM marketer who wants to take advantage of all of the captive and available traffic online.


Some might wonder if it’s worth their while to get involved with marketing on LinkedIn. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few advantages of marketing in this fashion.

Here is a look at five tips for marketing on LinkedIn:

1. Advertise and sell your product or opportunity via LinkedIn: When you join this social networking website, you’ll get to know lots of people by joining groups, or by getting to know their connections. The key to selling products on LinkedIn is to not sell directly, or spam members.

The key to marketing on this site is make mention of a product website. Include this website link in your profile. As other members get to know you online, they will gravitate towards your product link. They will also gain the opportunity to learn about your opportunity in time as well.

2. Share with readers how you have developed career skills by starting your own business: Marketing on LinkedIn for new downline leads is easy, when you open up and share with others. You’ll have the opportunity to post messages on your profile page. You can share information about the benefits of the MLM lifestyle.

You can also share what you are learning from other MLM marketers. Brag about your accomplishments. Not only will you attract others who want to learn more about your opportunity, but you might attract offers from a company that you need to be affiliated with.

3. Get testimonials from other LinkedIn Members: Member recommendations are the same as product reviews. It’s one thing to say that you offer a great product or opportunity. It’s another thing when other professional endorse you. They can endorse your product, or they can endorse what it’s like to work with you. In any case, member recommendations helps your cause, with regards to marketing on LinkedIn.

4. You can promote yourself as an industry expert: If you are viewed as a solid source of information in your field, thenmarketing on LinkedIn will operate a lot smoother for you. Take part in answering questions, which can be found in the questions and answers section.

The questions that you answer will become part of your membership profile. People will gain insight into your personal knowledge base, which will make you and your opportunity more attractive. In turn, you’ll stand out from the crowd of other MLM marketers who are all sales flash, with no substance.

People want to feel that the freedmom that comes with a MLM opportunity is real. They’ve already heard all of the hype, the false promises, etc. Answering their questions will make things real for prospects and solid answers knock down barriers.

5. Find out about offline Networking opportunities: A huge advantage to marketing on LinkedIn, is that many people post upcoming events and announce them on LinkedIn. You could also create your own networking events to announce. Building relationships online is a great way to segue into a face to face professional relationship.



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