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LinkedIn As A Marketing ToolUtilize LinkedIn As A Marketing Tool With Ease!!!


The core of any MLM business pursuit is development and growth. Specifically, the time will come to you very quickly when you have to embark upon building a marketing list. In MLM, the marketer usually develops at least two list of prospects. One list will be a list of customer prospects. While this list is important, another list that is perceived as gold to the average marketer is their list of downline prospects.

This is because as an upline marketer, you will earn a bonus on any new person that you recruit into the company that you represent. Not only this, but you will also earn a bonus on all of the sales revenue that your downlines earns for the company. The thought of earning money based upon the work of others is extremely attractive to many marketers.

This is why some marketers will place a higher priority on developing their downline prospect list over their product sales prospect list. With regards searching for prospective downlines to marketing one’s opportunity to, many marketers have learned about using LinkedIn as a marketing tool.

LinkedIn is a social networking website that was developed strictly for professional marketing purposes. There will never be any discussions about one’s musical taste, plucking and raising virtual animals, or celebrity social media wars on LinkedIn. This is a website for the serious professional who wants to network and learn from other serious professionals.

linkedin as a marketing tool

This works to your advantage as a marketer. You will be able to utilize LinkedIn as a marketing tool with ease. Here are some methods of exactly how you can begin to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool, in order to develop and grow your prospect lists.

First, you set up your LinkedIn profile. When you set up your profile, you will be required to provide professional information about yourself. This is your opportunity to mention the company or the companies that you represent in your MLM business. Since MLM companies have unfortunately developed a reputation for being shady or flaky, using LinkedIn as a marketing tool gives you the ability to present your MLM with an aura of professionalism and legitimacy.

You can discuss the professional skills that you have garnered and developed by staring your own MLM business. In so many instances, a marketer shares about how much money they make, or that others can make. It would be helpful for marketers to share about the professional skills that they learn and use while conducting business. The development of professional skills can be just as attractive to others as money. After all, the more one develops their professional skills, the more money they can earn or generate for themselves.

Another way to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool is to join specific groups. As a marketer, consider the type of product that your company sells. Who are the people who might be interested in your product? Find groups that appeal to these people, join them, and start conversations with these people. You might be able to find product prospects in this manner. You also might be able to find downline prospects in this manner as well.

These are just a few strategies that you or any other marketer could use, in order to utilize LinkedIn as a marketing tool.


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