The Shocking Lack Of Graduate Job Career Preparation Programs



graduate training schemesSHOCK SHOCK Horror – A lack Of Graduate Training Schemes


Imagine yourself as being a recent university graduate, full of hope and promise. You’ve spent countless days and nights in your books, and in your classrooms. You have earned the right to refer to yourself as a university graduate. You’ve earned the right to receive all of the benefits and the stature that goes along with being a university graduate. You’ve been told all of your life that if you work hard and if you graduate from your university, you will have doors opening up for you by the dozens. You were encouraged to continue forward when times got rough, because you were told that at the end of it all, a prestigious career awaited you.

Imagine your shock and utter dismay to find that you are still looking for work! Or, you might be a person who has had to settle for a job that offers far less than what you had hoped for. You might be earning far less pay, or you might not like the job. You might find that your job offers you no satisfaction, or even that your new job has little to nothing to do with your hard earned course of study. This is the reality that many new graduates face when they have completed their studies. This problem isn’t their fault. The problem is that there is truly a shocking lack of graduate training schemes, or career preparation programs.

Completion Of Graduate Training Schemes

When a student is completing their studies, they are insulated from what is commonly known as the “real world”. While students need lots of encouragement, society and institutions do these students no favor in allow for them to think that all they need to do is study hard and earn a degree in order to make their careers happen. As a matter of fact, many young student have no idea that they aregraduate training schemes responsible for taking charge of their careers, and there are no graduate training schemes or programs to prepare student for reality. After all, young students are used to being told what to do, and they are used to following a prescribed program, such as graduate schemes or training programs. It can be quite jarring and shocking for them to realize that they are on their own in taking charge of their own career and financial futures. It’s no wonder why most graduates are woefully unprepared, in large to part to the lack of graduate training schemes.

If you relate to this, then the first thing that you need to realize about the “real world” is that you have to take a stand for the outcome of your career and your finances. You have options, and you have the right to protect yourself. How you protect yourself in this manner involves creating options for yourself. You can create options for yourself by learning secondary career skills. One career field that requires no experience and allows for you to create a solid backup plan for yourself is through network marketing. Network marketing allows for you to work from home. You don’t need an office or any special wardrobe, at least not at first.

You will be mentored in all aspects of learning how to create a career and financial future of your choice. While you might want to practice a career in your chosen field of study, you need to insulate yourself with a secondary career. Why not learn how to create a secondary career for yourself that will insulate you from life’s unexpected shocks and downturns?

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