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Fan Page Engine – It Rocks….


There is a new product on the market for all of the online marketers who want to create professional looking Facebook fan pages. The name of the product is called Fan Page Engine.

Fan Page Engine is a product that is made for the marketer that has no coding or online script experience. That would mean that this is a product for just about most MLM marketers and other online marketers that I know of! This product was created to work as a drag and drop product. The consumer of this product literally drags a widget to the appropriate spot on their prospective fan page, and then they will end up with the results that they hope for.

The producers of the Fan Page Engine have thought about everything! They have created methods to enable features such as:

Subtitles: Many business entities want to include subtitles on their fan pages. Now, they easily can.

Text: The consumer of Fan Page Engine can decide where on their page they would like the text to be positioned at.

Images: Photos can be easily added to one’s fan page by dragging the images widget to the appropriate location.

YouTube videos: Most marketers want to include videos, and now there are widgets that will allow for consumers to drag their widgets to the desired location on the page.

Lead capture form: There is even a Fage Page Engine widget that allows for the marketer to capture leads right on the page! Think of how much more easier building a list will become.

Comments right on the page: Find out what you fan page visitors think when you allow for them to leave you comments right on your fan page.

MP3 audio files: You can create further connections with your prospects when you upload MP3 audio files through your fan page widget.

These are just the main widgets that can be used when a marketer creates a fan page through the Fan Page Engine package. Again, this program was designed for those with no knowledge of coding. However, there are widgets for professionals who would like to engage in their own coding.

Fan Page Engine is packaged and sold in three tiered price plans that are very affordable. The basic $47 USD plan offers 1 Facebook page, six design modules, two page templates, three page tabs, and video help tutorials. The Pro $77 USD offers up to seven Facebook pages, 9 design modules, 7 page tabs, and video tutorials for help. The professional licensed package comes in at $147.

If all of these features weren’t enough, then note that the Fan Page Engine product can be used with any existing Facebook accounts.


fan page engine


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